July 11, 2009

How to Wear a Peasant Top

How to Wear a Peasant Top

Peasant shirts were popular in early 2000, but then they failed to impress and became a fashion don't. This season, though, they're everywhere and are becoming a huge trend. Here's how to make a peasant top look chic with modern touches and special little details:

  1. Instead of reaching for an embroidered, beaded, completely bohemian-style shirt, try one that has a fun all over floral print like the one above. The short sleeves lend a more casual feel and the self-tie closure keyhole is a nice detail on an otherwise simple silhouette.
  2. Pair it with slim-fitting jeans, to counterbalance the loose top. We suggest a darker wash to keep the outfit a little sophisticated.
  3. Pick a bag that's simple in shape, but big on details. We love the braided straps on the shoulderbag above. As for shoes, make sure they don't take attention away from the shirt and bag. We chose the ankle boot for its minimalist design and color (matching the bag). The foldover 'cuff' at the top is just enough detail to pull everything together.
  4. Don't over load on the accessories. It isn't neccesary to have any, but you can add a charming gold bracelet for a touch of femininity.

Tell us, would you wear a peasant top? If so, how would you wear it? Share in your comments?


  1. This is so cute! I love the whole thing! I can completely see myself wearing this, and I like the idea of wearing a peasant top in a fun retro pattern. I'm getting that shirt from Forever 21 today!!! Great advice.

  2. love this set! and that bag is amazing. i want it right now!! :]


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