July 18, 2009

Summer Sale at Boden: Our Favorite Pieces

Although summer isn't over yet, an all-new autumn collection has arrived at Boden USA. That means there's a huge sale on their old summer products: up to 60% off! We love the casual-chic clothing and accessories, with their fun nautical touches and retro patterns, so we've rounded up our favorites in Boden's Sale section for your viewing pleasure. They're still a bit pricey, but the style is great, and they're at the lowest they've ever been! If you like these, be sure to visit their site and buy them before it's too late! Here are some of our fave pieces (on sale now):

Chic Cashmere Jumper SALE $62.00 at Boden (originally $158.00)

Fine Stripe Henley SALE $44.00 at Boden (originally $88.00)

Merino Henley SALE $37-39.00 at Boden (originally $74-78.00)

Hotchpotch Swimsuit SALE $44.00 at Boden (originally $74.00)

Fabulous Espadrilles SALE $73.00 at Boden (originally $98.00)

Pretty Pinspot Shirt SALE $39.00 at Boden (originally $98.00, cami included) <<<Great Deal!

Crinkle Jersey Dress SALE $39.00 at Boden (originally $78.00)

Photographer Jacket SALE $73.00 at Boden (originally $98.00)


  1. Those espadrilles are fabulous :P Love em (especially the nautical blue and white). And those henleys are so adorable!! I want them! It seems like Boden has tons of gorgeous clothes. Where are they located?

  2. Stacy-
    Unfortunately, Boden doesn't have a store location; you can purchase online or from their paper catalogue.
    Their websites are bodenusa.com or boden.co.uk. The products are designed in the UK, and made in various countries around the world. Hope that helps! Thanks for your comment-- Boden does have fabulous choices.

  3. I must have the jacket and pinspot shirt!! So gorgeous! Oh, and cute dress :)

  4. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    lovin the retro print on the dress and swimsuit! adorable.

  5. Trista L.July 31, 2009

    I want the photographer jacket! So chic. I wanna buy it in the color the model's wearing- it's still on sale!!

  6. That swimsuit is darling :) I love your choices - they're very cute.


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