June 25, 2009

4 Colors Everyone Looks Good In

Eggplant: Some people may think that this color (top left) is a little too dramatic for them, but it actually matches virtually every skin tone and hair color, because it falls into the middle of the color spectrum, keeping it from being too warm or too cool. I guess you could call it "the perfect purple."
So why does it work? Because it's an extremely versatile color, like black, brown or navy.
True Red (and we mean true): As most of you may already know, red is the color of confidence (top right), and there actually is proof that athletes perform better wearing red, so what's not to love? This one also stays in the middle of the color spectrum.
So why does it work? Because it is in the middle of the color spectrum, right between a cool cherry red and a warm tomato red.
Indian Teal: Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are perfect matches, and this deeper version of teal (bottom left)-- which seems to have a dark blue tint-- is the exact opposite of the natural & healthy flush in your face. This plays up your skin tone, whatever it may be.
So why does it work? Because it is the opposite of the light pink in your skin, and it's more versatile than a bright turquoise, so you can wear it all year long.
Mellow Rose: Okay, maybe this color seems a little too girly to some of you, but take a closer look (bottom right). It is not a pastel pink, or a bubble-gum pink; it's somewhere between a light pink and peach-- a neutral. This definitely highlights the natural flush in your cheeks (as mentioned earlier), giving an amazing glow.
So why does it work? Because it is similar to the pale flush in everybody's face, highlighting your greatest features and creating a look of healthy, vibrant skin.


  1. Thanks for the advice! I've always kind of had trouble choosing what colors to wear. I actually really like the eggplant; it's very deep and rich.


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