June 29, 2009

How to Wear a Sweater Dress

How can I wear a sweater dress without looking old-fashioned? And in the spring or summer?

It's not always easy to wear a sweater dress without looking frumpy, so here's a fun way to incorporate it into your outfit during the spring and summer:

First, choose the right dress. Try a fun patterned one for a fresh, unique look (like the one to the left). Next, cinch the waist with a not-too-skinny, not-too-chunky belt in a neutral color (we recommend a brown or off-white), because most sweater dresses don't have a waistband or accentuated waist. Last, throw on a bright trench coat (single-breasted, so that it can show off your dress when unbuttoned), with 1/2 or 3/4 sleeves so that it has a light, summery feel. Tulle has gotten this look just right.

Advice: The collar of the coat shouldn't be too busy, or your whole outfit will appear as too much-- the pattern on the dress is enough. We would choose a round collar to keep it simple. Also, try to choose a coat in a complementary color. Example: yellow with pink or purple, teal/blue with an orange or coral, and anything with white and beige. Remember to make sure the dress and coat are about the same length, so that the ensemble stays clean and polished.

Accessories: There really isn't a need for accessories with an outfit like this. But if you have to have something, choose rings or bracelets/bangles (like the model in the photo above). Don't wear a necklace; it will make the top too busy.

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(Photo Courtesy: Tulle)

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