June 29, 2009

CFDA Design Editions at Gap

Vena Cava Printed Khaki Dress

Vena Cava Khaki Zip Dress

We love these two printed khaki dresses from Gap's CFDA Design Editions. They have very simple shapes, but the dark tribal design gives them a bit of drama. The sleeveless zip-front version would be right for you if you want an edgy feel, but if you're looking for something a little more modest but fashionable, choose the short-sleeved one.

$88 at Gap (each)


  1. I love these dresses too :] I like them both the same, but I don't know of any occasion to wear them to... Help please?

  2. Teresa-
    Well, you can wear the first one to almost any casual outing, such as a block party, alfresco dining, or even work, depending on what your dress code is. The second one is a little tricky. Maybe you could wear it to somewhere fun and exciting, just like the dress itself. Examples: an art gallery, cocktail party, or during a trip to an exotic place.


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