June 27, 2009

How to Choose Flattering Pants

Here are some features to look for when shopping for figure-flattering pants:
  • A slight flare at the bottom. This style has been a best seller since as long as we can remember for a good reason-- they instantly make hips look smaller.
  • Make sure there is just a bit of stretch; they should stay the same shape and keep the same clean fit as how you bought them.
  • A waistband about one or two inches wide. Avoid those that are narrower because they may draw attention to your belly and create unwanted bulges and "sagging" in the front.
  • Flat-fronts. They create a seamless line across your abdomen, making you look thinner, and actually taller, whereas pleated fronts do the exact opposite.

Another tip (this goes for jeans): To dress up your basic jeans, wear heels, and tuck in your shirt for a slimming effect. Also, they should sit right above the hip, rather than at your upper waist or below the hipbone (super low-rise styles could make you look shorter, and high-waisted pants don't flatter most bodies, making hips look wider than they actually are).

Photo Courtesy: Ben Goldstein Photography

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  1. wonderful wonderful tips! i should start tucking my shirts in


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