June 26, 2009

Perfect Weekend Outfits for Women 40+

We understand that women over the age of 40 don't often favor the young trends of skinny jeans, neon tanks, and animal prints, so here are three classic weekend outfits just for you. We've done this by using pieces with clean lines & classic colors, creating looks that are casual yet sophisticated.
Outdoor Dining
Silk Georgette Pleated Top SALE $69.50 at J Crew
Cotton Floral-Print Full Skirt SALE $24.99 at Banana Republic
This neutral combination is perfect for going out to lunch on a warm summer day.
Too dull for you? Brighten it up with a nice pair of sandals, and feminine accessories such as bracelets and a belt (not too chunky) in complementary colors. If you don't like these pieces, pair any sleeveless (silk) blouse with a knee-length skirt in a sophisticated pattern/print.
Backyard BBQ
Piped Blouse SALE $24.99 at Gap
Mid-Rise Boot Cut Jeans SALE $49.99 at Gap
Wear this ensemble and you'll be backyard barbeque-ready. This outfit is perfectly porportioned, with a classic bright-over-dark silhouette.
Out and About

Washed Chambray Perfect Shirt $78.00 at J Crew
Stripe Cotton Popover $68.00 at J Crew
Low-Rise Boot Cut White Jeans SALE $44.99 at Gap

This set is a great twist on a classic weekend outfit. Swap out your old blue jeans for crisp white ones, and wear a shirt with an unusual design or fabric instead of your average button-down. This is suitable for almost any occasion, from strolling along the beach to hanging out at a friend's outdoor party. Choose the striped top for a nautical look, and try the chambray shirt for something a little more put-together. As for accessories, keep it minimal; just add, perhaps, a bold necklace, for a feminine touch.


  1. I'm really liking the piped blouse with boot cut jeans. Looks like I'm going to have to go to Gap :) I also like the blue and white outfit (I prefer the chambray shirt)- it's perfect for hanging out in the summer! These are all great ideas. Thanks!

  2. I missed this post! What lovely outfits! I would wear them all, and I am over 40, as you may know already, so these are great for me! Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  3. AnonymousJuly 17, 2009

    The stripe popover shirt looks so comfy! I love that style. Great looks for older women.


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