June 27, 2009

A Must-Have: The Boyfriend Blazer

You don't have to search through your hubby's closet anymore; menswear-inspired jackets for women are a huge trend now, with their clean, tailored silhouettes and multi-functional style.
A great way to wear them? Layer yours over a patterned or ruffled blouse, with fitted jeans, a skinny belt, and maybe a few simple accessories for a chic (completely work-appropriate) look.

Long Boyfriend Jacket $79.50 at Express

Aqua Boyfriend Blazer w/ Striped Lining $88.00 at Bloomingdale's

Wool Boyfriend Blazer OUT OF STOCK $350.00 at J Crew


  1. I love the idea of mens-inspired jackets for women! My favorite is the Aqua one from Bloomingdale's. I really like boyfriend jeans too, but can you show how to wear them without looking like an actual guy? Thanks.

  2. oops! i meant the acid-wash jeans that EVERYONE seems to be wearing these days. boyfriend jeans are so 2008.. lol

  3. Carla-
    Boyfriend jeans are actually still quite popular, but I do see the possibility of acid-wash taking its place. We'll see what we can do for you. Check out our site again soon for advice! Thank you for your comment. And we are very sorry for the late reply!


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